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Pune mehendi artists versatility really shines through when it comes to Bridal Mehendi. At the bridal arts trials or at the time of consultation, you will have the great opportunity to explore glitter and diamante Mehendi, giving you the option to pursue a traditional classic design, or something new, gracious and innovative. With Pune mehendi artist credentials as a highly-experienced make-up artist working around the world and with coveted fashion houses, the possibilities with these added bridal services are truly endless.

Mehandi Services Pune

Pune Mehendi Services is highly inspired by the beautiful nature and its peaceful yet explosive qualities, Pune Mehendi Artists ensure that they are up to date with the latest trends and styles so that her clients have a large collection to select from ranging from contemporary to traditional designs.

What makes us your best Wedding Mehendi Artist providers?

This service is best chosen once you have selected your wedding dress, as today’s haste couture bridal gowns are the perfect complement for Mehendi with bolder strokes and more defined lines. A top tip; when planning the final days and events leading up to the wedding is to set aside sometime 48 hours before the big day for the application of your chosen Mehendi style. Professional Mehendi Artist in Pune has extensive knowledge and understanding of the ethnic art with the importance of Design. Pune Mehendi Artist has made a profound mark in the Mehendi Industry over the last 7 years by providing a professional service.

Pune Mehendi Artist ensures its clients are fully satisfied by taking into consideration the final look of joy on their face. Pune Mehendi Artists has got the experience, passion and knowledge when it comes to Mehendi. Only the best Mehendi powders from around the world are specially sourced for their superb staining qualities to give her brides a long-lasting rich stain. Pune Mehendi artists work freehand to create beautiful, exotic temporary designs which last approximately 3 weeks!


Why book Mehendi Services from Pune Mehendi Artist?

Mehendi artist in Pune offers a professional Mehendi service that provides high quality, beautiful designs to enlighten any occasion. Pune Mehendi artist offers you a free consultation and advice on the look you want to achieve. Pune Mehendi Artists coordinate their designs with the bride's outfit and jewellery so that the overall result is breathtaking. Pune Mahanadi’s dedication is shown by providing a "unique" touch to every occasion.

According to different cultural background Mehendi (henna) can be divided into several types. Most famous types of Mehendi designs are Arabic, Indian and African. Mehendi designs from these diverse regions can easily be differentiated. The various Mehendi designs individually feature unique traits that can be used to differentiate the. It represents the culture and the times they come from.

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The patterns which are drawn are not a very complicated; instead, they are a simple one and it more convenient and easier to apply these on your hand if compared from other styles of mehendi. The patterns are easy to draw but if you want to have this pattern on your hand on the day of your wedding then you must consult a skilled artist as the neatness and clarity are depended on the expertise of the artist.

The bold designs of flowers are easy to make and apply and also you don't have to think much while choosing from the list of patterns as the list is also very refined, so you may choose very easily. Every woman has a craze for mehendi mostly Asian women and girls which considers it as a necessary custom to follow in marriages and which increases their charm also. 

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Types of Mehandi designs we offer

Bridal Mehandi artist in Pune

Bridal is a cocktail of Indian Mehendi, Pakistani Mehendi, Rajasthani Mehendi which will have different shapes, like Dhula Dhulhan, Shehnai, Dhol, Barat, etc. All depends on bridal health, wedding dress, colour, and budget. You can visit Gallery Page or Facebook Link for latest Bridal Designs.

Get you dedicated Bridal mehendi artist in Pune at best price. A few ladies like to wear basic structures on the foot as they are difficult to keep on for longer hours yet the greater part of the ladies go for substantial foot mehendi plans as it makes the foot look progressively wonderful. Before applying this marriage mehendi by walking have good pedicure toes and waxed legs. This semi-substantial mehendi configuration is ideal for any family capacities or occasions.

The configuration is basically made with leafs everything being equal and shapes alongside a couple of round fine specifying examples. The thick weaved designs with numerous specks and shadings on the finger look wonderful.


Indian Mehandi artist in Pune


Indian Mehendi Services is the most popular and the designs are very diverse. They range from simple designs to complex. Simple designs have a big dot or a figure in the back of the hand (dorsal) or in the centre of the palm. Fingertips are also covered by henna. This design is simple and can easily be made by armatures. After some training, this plan won't take you more than two or three minutes.

Moving towards complex mehendi designs we see profoundly point by point and fine plans. Such structures are outlined on critical events like wedding, nikka and so forth. Such designs are hard to master and they can take hours just to finish one hand's design.

Bengali Mehandi artist in Pune

Bengali Mehendi design is a merger of complex versions of Arabic and Indian Mehendi designs. These type of designs are also much detailed and are worn by brides on Mehendi, Wedding Mehendi in Pune. Even children wear a simple version of these Mehendi designs on Eid festival. Arabic Mehendi Designs Compared with the complex Indian Mehendi designs, Arabic designs are much simpler.

Arabic Mehendi designs mostly consist of leaves, veins, flowers etc. These designs are the perfect candid if you want to extend the design from hand to arm or from foot to leg. We have best expertise Mehendi Artist in Pune to get your mehendi colourful.


Arabic Mehandi artist in Pune

Arabic Mehendi one style of Mehendi that describes the floral designs very elegantly and is very diverse and popular is - Arabic mehendi design. Arabic Mehendi is a very popular and diverse all over the world and the special name is given to it as it consists of floral designs in between which open spaces are left which provides it an Arabic style look.

Arabic mehndi Artist in Pune is very popular because of the beautiful pattern which is drawn on the hands of women which consists of the ever beautiful looking patterns of flowers which are just loved by everybody. Beautiful flowers with leaves and vines are drawn in which you may have bail design going down your arm or leg giving it a natural touch.

The patterns like peacocks and faces are not included in this design of Mehendi. Intricacy and detailed are lesser in this type of Mehendi but in spite of this, it looks very fabulous. In this design, it is not needed to fill your hands and feet fully with the design and it may consist of bold and coloured mehendi.