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Pre wedding photographer in Pune

Pre wedding photographer in Pune

Over the years, an increasing number of photographers have been including pre wedding photo shoots as part of their wedding packages. It is the best development which wedding couples should take advantage of. Pre wedding photographer in Pune is inspired and motivated by the sheer beauty and elegance of each wedding event, re-defining the art of wedding photography, to create a style that style has been described as like candid photography, cutting edge and contemporary. Each photographer at Bashol photographers brings something unique to the lens. Bashol photographers in Pune are formally trained in Fine Arts photography and have an extensive fashion and beauty portfolio enhancing the quality and style of each occasion. At Bashol we are work to capture those candid moments that spontaneously appear…then disappear. We allow our team of creative vision-driven photographers to capture your photographic history.

Why we need pre wedding shoot?

Engagement photography involves taking photographs of the couple in a predetermined location. The goal of the shoot is to capture the relationship of the couple in a more casual setting. Ideally, there is an interview session prior to the shoot where the couple and the photographer get to know each other and share ideas. This pre wedding photography includes adjustment where to hold the shoot, sharing ideas on the theme, clothing, any necessary props and more. A typical engagement shoot lasts for approximately two to three hours.

Best pre wedding photographers in Pune will be able to present a side of the couple that their family, friends or colleagues may not have been aware of previously. For instance, some people close to the couple may already know that they initially met in a record store. A few of the images can show that they have different tastes in music. Some of the images could show that the guy actually likes rock music while his fiance loves classical music. Bashol company provides the best photographers and best wedding planners service in Pune, for more information about our photographer contact our experts.

Importance of the shoot

  1. Seeing a more realistic portfolio

A couple can have several engagement photo shoots but only one wedding shoot. Essentially, an engagement shoot allows the couple to see the photographer’s actual skills, gear and what they can expect before the big day.

  1. Bonding phase

This is the time when the couple can test and see if they can work well with the photographer. If all goes well, then the couple will get the photographer to shoot for their wedding. If not, then the couple can go look for another photographer and repeat the process. It is advised that couples do these several months in advance. In the event that the couple is unsatisfied with the photographer in any way, they will still have enough time to look for another one.

  1. Casual setup

People will react differently depending on the environment they are in. if weddings function are meant to be a happy movement then most weddings tend to be formal in nature. As the best output, most couples tend to look sad or act stiff at the time of the event. What the couple will get is a series of photographs where they look and act in a more natural manner.

  1. More photos

There is no such thing as having too many photos. For the couple, it offers them a chance to see great images from different phases of their relationship. The couple can opt to get a friend or a relative to get pictures of them at any time but the result is not the same. wedding planner in Pune and photographer are shoots may add more to the final price but the results are worth it. This type of photo shoot allows the wedding couple to find the best photographer to capture their special moments together. As a result, the couple can get more photographs to remember their relationship.

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